1200 Le Moulin Gentrey 88240 La Vôge-les-Bains
1200 Le Moulin Gentrey 88240 La Vôge-les-Bains
Experience the wonderful history of this former 19th century starch factory, a survivor of the Vosges heritage. Our association of enthusiasts will take you on the "Chemin de la pomme de terre à la fécule" (Potato to starch path), to discover a forgotten work which was nevertheless practised in more than 300 starch factories in the Vosges!

For ten years, the volunteers of the association "Les Kémottes" have been working to put the potato processing process back in place and bring the history of the workers back to life. An initiative made possible thanks to the memories sprinkled with tasty anecdotes passed on by the "elders" of the potato starch factory

The visit begins along the canal that guided the water of the river Vôge to the big wheel of the mill. This wheel produced the energy necessary for the operation of the various machines of the starch factory. Then we follow the route of the potato from the cellar where it is stored to the bagging of the starch obtained after the extraction process.
Immerse yourself in the daily life of the workers: sorting, washing, grating, filtering, decanting, drying... until a fine, silky white powder is obtained, destined for textile factories, paper mills, glucose factories... Sail between the learned installations, from the manufacturing workshop to the floor where the starch is dried and sieved. A journey back in time that will teach you a lot about the working conditions, tools and tasks of the starch factory workers

GUIDED VISIT: - Every Friday from June to the end of September at 2.30 pm, single visit
- Every Sunday from June to the end of September at 3pm, single visit
Other dates on reservation for groups: possibility of a meal or a snack
Hiring of rooms, events, conferences, exhibitions..

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